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As the internet grows in popularity, more and more people are looking for a churches online.  You can help people to be able to find Harmony Community Baptist Church!

How can I help?
We have recently setup several local listing for Harmony Community Baptist Church in the search engines, internet yellow pages, and review sites.  You can help by submitting positive reviews for these listings or giving HCBC high ratings.  Also, some of the review sites allow you to rate other reviews as being helpful or accurate.  So, if you see other positive revies, rate those reviews well.

Below are links to places you can submit reviews or rate HCBC.  If you can submit reviews at some of these sites, that will be helpful.  If you submit reviews to all the sites, that will be GREAT!!

(Please note: Some sites require that you login or register to submit a review, but all sites requiring registration have free registration)

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Thanks for supporting Harmony Community Baptist Church!!

This is a great way for us to spread the word about Jesus Christ on the internet, but don't forget to invite your friends and co-workers as well!  Let's share the love of Christ with everyone we can and grow Harmony Community Baptist Church!